Ductless Ac Mini-Split Heat Pumps - Repair & Install Jackson TN

If you are looking for a ductless mini-split system for you Tennessee home, look no further! Our Plumber, Inc of Jackson-TN. can answer all of your questions and handle any installation. We install Daikin mini splits - Fujitsu Mini splits - and Mitsubisi Mini Splits

Save money on the most energy efficient ductless mini split systems in Jackson TN

Mini-Split heating and air conditioning systems are used world-wide based on their space savings design, ease of installation, and unbelievable efficiency. We feature Daikin Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems with innovations like variable speed compressors, inverter driven motors, and precise computer controls. We can achieve comfort levels never felt before and installation in places conventional systems simply can not be installed. That is why Daikin is a perfect fit for your west Tennessee home.

Advantages of Daikin Ductless Mini Split Ac and Heating Systems

  • Comfort level achieved by individual temperature control for every room.
  • Fan settings can be changed for every room
  • Run heat in one room and air in another room off same condenser unit.
  • Connect up to 8 air handlers (separate zones ) off of one condenser unit.
  • Huge energy savings on the most efficient ac and heating for your Jackson TN. home.
  • Quiet operation. Air handler inside is whisper quiet and condenser unit is the quietest in industry.
  • No dirty - leaky -( smelly ductwork. Ductless is the best system for allergies.
  • Install in tight places or places where conventional duct work can not be installed.