Water Filtration in Jackson TN

Clean Drinking Water For Your Family

Some water problems are easy to spot. Others easy to taste. And still others that can be very difficult to detect without professional testing.

No matter what the problem, Plumbing Solutions can correct it and provide you and your family with pure water ideal for every household use.

Signs of Water Contamination

Discolored water, typically referred to as brown water: A build-up of natural sediment and/or organic matter in the water mains, originating from the catchments. Another common cause is rusting in your galvanized wrought iron pipes.

Blue or blue/green water, may taste metallic: ItÍs usually the result of corroding copper pipes. The problem is almost always found in cold-water taps.

Hard Water: There are numerous hard water symptoms, including:

  • A filmy haze on your drinking glasses
  • Whitish scaly deposits on your taps, shower doors or tea kettle
  • Dry, Dull skin and hair
  • Whites that turn yellow in the wash, and colors that fade

Acidic Water: Water with a low pH factor (less than 6.5) can be highly acidic and corrosive. If you notice a blue-green stain on your laundry, sinks or drains the chances are your water needs to be treated. Acidic water also can leach unhealthy levels of metal ions such as lead, manganese, and copper into your fresh water supply.

Our Plumber, Inc. Can Solve You Water Quality Problems

No matter what's wrong with your water supply, Plumbing Solutions has the right solution to help you enjoy cleaner and healthier water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Drink Water Systems

We feature drinking water systems from eSpring. This in-home water treatment system, with a patented carbon-block filter and UV light, reduces potential health-effect contaminants and destroys microorganisms.

Our water filtration systems actually exceed government standards. Quite simply Plumbing Solutions Plumbing deliver "chemical free water", and thereÍs no better water than that.

We service and install all types of water filtration systems, including:

  • Whole-house filters and softeners
  • Single source or point-of-use filters
  • Reverse Osmosis